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Mikoto no Kaijo's Special and Limited Event

Taste and Learn the Beautiful Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony

"Sado Casual" - How To Enjoy Japanese Sweets and Macha Tea During The Cherry Blossom Season in the Comforts of Your Own Home!

  • March 25th Starting at 2 PM Japan Standard

  • Kudanshita, Tokyo

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    This is a must attend event for Japanese culture enthusiasts and tea ceremony connoisseurs!

    Immerse yourself in the art of tea-making and discover the intricacies of Japanese tea culture in a one-of-a-kind setting.

    Our event is designed for discerning travelers seeking authenticity, luxury, and attention to detail in their travel experiences.

    With a commitment to excellence and a passion for sharing the traditions of Japan, Mikoto promises an unforgettable experience for all guests.

    Indulge in the finest selection of premium tea and traditional Japanese sweets while enjoying the serene atmosphere of our tea ceremony room.

    Our expert instructor will guide you through the ceremony, explaining each step and its significance.

    Join us on March 25 at 2 PM JST and elevate your travel experience with Mikoto's exclusive tea ceremony event. 

    This event is limited to 4 participants ... so book now to secure your spot.

  • instructor

    Learn about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony but taught in a contemporary way.

  • value

    Within 2 hours, learn how to enjoy the tea ceremony that can be replicated in the comforts of your own home.

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    Exclusive and intimate setting limited to a small group of attendees.

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    What You'll Learn

    Event Details

    Date: March 25, 2023, Starting at 2 PM JST

    Location: 3-7-1 Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, New Kudan Building 3F

    Access: Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, or Hanzomon Line, or Toei Shinjuku Line 

    (30 seconds walk from Kudanshita Station Exit 6)

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    We believe that experiences are the most valuable treasures one can possess, beyond just products and services. This special program is for those who share this sentiment.

    While there are plenty of places where you can experience traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, there are only a few places where you can learn to enjoy it at home as well.

    Tea ceremony, or "Sado," is all about taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasure of making a cup of tea for someone else with hospitality and care.

    So whether you start your day with a cup of tea to set the tone or unwind in the evening with a cup for yourself, Sado is a beautiful way to connect with yourself and others.

    And just like coffee or tea, matcha (Japanese green tea) can be enjoyed casually and easily.

    We at "Mikoto" have named this experience "Sado Casual."

    This is because it offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the Japanese traditional art of tea ceremony in a more casual and approachable manner.

    So why not try it for yourself?



  • A traditional Japanese tea ceremony led by an experienced instructor, knowledgeable about the culture and history related to Japan's four seasons.

  • (1) Mikoto no Kaijo makes a table for each month's season. At the seasonal table, we will first taste matcha green tea and Japanese sweets (sakura mochi). Sweets called "kuromoji" are also served with fork-like toothpicks and are used to cut them into bite-size pieces.

  • (2) Moving to a different seat location, you will experience making your matcha tea modernly but learning the cultural history and background of the traditional tea ceremony. The tea is served with dried confections.

  • (3) Taste cherry blossom tea at the end of the session.


  • High-quality Japanese tea and snacks provided

  • Learn about the history and cultural significance of the tea ceremony

  • Enjoy this unique experience in the company of like-minded individuals who share your passion for authenticity, luxury, and cultural exploration.

  • Experience the authentic and serene atmosphere of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony

  • Take home a memorable experience and newfound appreciation for Japanese culture

  • About The Instructor: Akemi Satohira 

    Mikoto Designer and Director of Japanese Culture

    After working for Recruit Co., Ltd., Akemi Satohira founded the Mikoto brand tableware in 2006, based on the concept of "celebrating happiness and life and wishing for longevity."

    She has been creating designs that combine traditional Japanese auspicious patterns with her tribute to beautiful things she has cherished since childhood.

    In addition to creating and selling beautiful ceramics, Mikoto no Kaijo also organizes classes to learn about the seasonal events and traditions that make up the heart of Japan. 

    For the past seven years since 2016, Mikoto no Kaijo has continued to share these stories and teachings with a total of 1,600 students who have attended its courses.

    In 2016, she opened Mikotoi Gallery as a salon for activities to pass on Japanese culture and hosted numerous courses to convey the spirit of Japan, such as Saijiki, Hana Oshijin, Kintsugi, and others.

    In 2020, she established the online "Fairy Tale Group of Mibei no Kaijo" for the seasonal customs course, a membership-based study group to teach people about living and enjoying the four seasons of Japanese culture.

    In 2022, she became a traditional culture director and a lecturer in the "Living and Four Seasons of Japanese Culture" course at NHK Culture Center, Culture Aoyama.


    About "Mikoto no Kaijo"


    At Mikoto no Kaijo, we create unique vessels with auspicious patterns, such as peonies, chrysanthemums, pine trees, dragons, and phoenixes.

    We believe everyone has the same desires for happiness, good health, and prosperous life.

    Therefore, our vessels serve as instruments to convey your wishes and prayers.

    We value the sanctity and beauty of life and express our gratitude to it through our dishware.

    The philosophy of Mikoto no Kaijo is to connect the hearts of Japan.

    From the beginning, we have consistently aimed to create vessels that embody Japanese culture's beauty and essence.

    We believe that the Japanese spirit is encapsulated in the phrases "Itadakimasu," "Gochisousama," and "Okagesama," which represent gratitude towards food and life.


    Our ancestors believed that food was a gift from the gods and nature and contained the essence of life and soul.

    They expressed gratitude towards this gift and their reverence for life by putting their hands together and saying "Itadakimasu" before eating.

    Turning chopsticks sideways represents the boundary between the human and divine worlds.

    We can finally partake in the food by expressing gratitude and picking up the chopsticks.

    The phrase "Okagesama" expresses gratitude towards the factors that contribute to our lives, such as the shade of a tree or the food we eat.

    This phrase originates from the Buddhist term "kogei," which means "shade of a tree."

    Even though the tree is not intentionally providing shade, we express our gratitude towards it nonetheless.

    We recognize that things beyond ourselves sustain us, and we convey our appreciation through the phrase "Okagesama."


    At Mikoto no Kaijo, we aim to convey the spirit of "Itadakimasu," "Gochisousama," and "Okagesama" through our vessels.

    By sharing the essence of Japanese culture, we can connect people's hearts and create a deeper appreciation for life.

    Our exclusive limited series of courses offer the opportunity to learn about and indulge in the art of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony like never before.

    Discover the beauty of Japanese culture and connect your heart to it through the unique vessels of Mikoto no Kaijo, conveying gratitude and wishes for a rich and happy life.


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    Grab Your Tickets Before It's Sold Out









    These are the best available prices for the tickets that you can get on this page. So get them while they last at this value.

    We have a limit of 4 seats for this event. Tickets will go very quickly due to demand. So get your tickets while they are still available.

    Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience? Look no further than the Mikoto March 25th event. For just $74.97 per person, you'll receive a total value of over $180 in benefits, including:

  • A trial lesson of Otemae, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony led by a certified tea master ($100 retail value)

  • Gain insight into Japanese culture and tradition the significance of the tea ceremony ($70 retail value)

  • Savor high-quality Japanese tea and snacks in a luxurious setting ($10 retail value)

  • Enjoy a unique and intimate cultural experience limited to a small group of attendees of like-minded individuals.

  • Take home a memorable experience and newfound appreciation for Japanese culture

  • In addition, participants in the event also have the opportunity to purchase the exact dishware from the Mikoto shop used in the event, allowing you to bring a piece of this unforgettable experience into your home.

    Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Book your spot at the Mikoto March 25th event today!



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